Got Lat pain? We can HEEL that!

“Latissimus Dorsi” is Latin for “widest back”, and it covers most of the lower and mid-back. Your Lats are responsible for doing things like this:
  • Shoulder extension behind you (reaching back feeling for your sunglasses on the floor in the car)
  • Horizontal abduction (elbowing people to the left and right as you bust your way through the grocery lines!)
  • Shoulder adduction (squeezing all the things between your arm and torso so you only have to make 1 trip from the car into the house)
  • Internal rotation (sitting there, all slumpy shouldered.)

^^All these actions at the shoulder combined at once can create the movement needed for pulling your arms from ahead/above you to below/behind you^^

If the Latissumus Dorsi is overworked or injured, it can cause some pain or problems with a lack of movement, or maybe aching pain at the low end of your scapula (AKA, your shoulder blade) or discomfort on the side of your torso or down the back of your triceps.

In order to avoid creating what are called trigger points (which refer the pain), or adhered tissue issues (layers stuck together and not sliding across each other) take a look at your activities with strong downward arm actions you may be doing that would activate your Lat muscles: 

  • Doing Overhead stuff (like ashiatsu! Help us help you by letting us try more Stretch Therapy/Thai, Fijian, and Matwork sessions, rather than always be up on the bars.)
  • Throwing or pitching a ball
  • Swimming
  • Chopping wood 
  • Getting handcuffed on the side of the road because you tried to run from the cops
  • Playing tennis, ping pong, racquetball
  • Rope Climbing
  • Muscle Ups in Crossfit
  • Aerial apparatus work as an epic circus-like performer
  • Straight arm or close-grip front Lat pull downs
  • Seated Cable Rows
  • Boxing like a freakin’ CHAMP
  • Dumbell or resistance band pull overs
  • Wrestling with your cousin like you are The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Paddling/Rowing in general
  • Down Dog and Cobra in Yoga
  • Flexing like Superman often
Who knew, right?
We did. We knew.
If you’ve got Lat pain, come get them underfoot at Heeling Sole. We’ve got some smooth moves to tame them, and some long stretches to help give them the range of motion they ache for.