We are the nation’s very first Barefoot Massage specialty clinic.

Every big-footed Sasquatch staff member is trained in multiple styles of unique bodywork…


San Antonio’s Deepest Massage

As the Barefoot massage source in San Antonio for Deep Tissue Sports Massage known to help treat and prevent injuries through massage and mobility, our bodywork sessions are great for:

  • Mindful relaxation

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Athletic recovery

  • Reducing chronic pain

  • Self care and rest

Our professional Massage Therapists in Alamo Heights have been voted as the best massage in San Antonio for the past 6 years.

We can cater your massage appointment and blend any of these advanced bodywork styles into every appointment.

Myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy for when you need to get out of chronic pain, or have gnarly muscle or connective tissue restrictions. This deeper than deep tissue massage, our Ashiatsu session is excellent for athletes, large framed body types, deep tissue lovers, people who weigh over 130 pounds, and those with dense muscle tissue or those with tense muscle tissue or chronic pain… this version is available up on a massage table. Need something a little more grounded and relaxing? Try Chavutti, an Ayurvedic-based style of barefoot massage that has long, full body massage strokes that can hypnotize and bliss out your busy mind and body.

Facilitated stretching for San Antonio athletes of any kind (Crossfitters, endurance runners and cyclists, weekend warriors, yogi’s, moms who bend over backwards, dads who can’t touch their toes, and even couch surfers.) Stretch Therapy is a massage and yoga hybrid, available in two versions: Traditional Thai Massage is provided on a padded floor mat for maximum movement sometimes … and our Ashi-Thai style, that is provided on a massage table, usually embedded within your massages. Either way, you’ll experience deep, passive & active stretches to increase your mobility or flexibility, and deep compression’s to make you feel taller, and allow you to “zen out!

Get specific, bone-deep bodywork with the matwork sessions – This hybrid of barefoot massage techniques from around the world (Fijian, Shiatsu, and Rossiter) are performed on a padded floor or yoga mat, allowing your massage therapist options for different leverage and much more space to move around. You stay clothed – suited for anyone who can easily get on and off the ground, who is looking for an interactive intense massage that can offer more focused detail, deep pressure,and trigger point work. Read more to learn the differences between all these styles!

Just looking to get your aching feet rubbed? It’s not reflexology, but our blissful barefoot foot massage is a 30 minute foot rub in Alamo Heights. We use our feet and hands to give your feet and lower legs the deepest, most luxurious foot massage you’ve ever felt! You can stay clothed and just remove your shoes and socks. We can include warm towels soaked in essential oils to clean your feet before we start the fancy footwork. Then we’ll bend, twist, compress and rub your feet with our feet: it’s a real sole-to-sole experience! …Read More

Prices are $40 for 30 minutes, $80 for 1 hour, $120 for 90 minutes, and $160 for 2 hours. (Pricing can vary with Interns, and Jeni Spring is $125/hour when available.)

Please review our Office Policies.

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$80 for 60 minutes | $120 for 90 minutes | $160 for 120 minutes

(Jeni Spring is $125/hour)

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