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I just started year # 3 with Jeni. I depend on her to keep my “mature” body healthy and at it’s best point. She can smooth muscles out, keep the knee cap working properly, ease inflammation of my poor rotators cuff, and oh my goodness the way she connects those bunion issues to the knees and hips and walks out the confused muscles is amazing. She is the major focus of my health care and body maintenance program.

The best part of my trip to San Antonio was my 2-hour ashiatsu massage with Jeni Spring. Jeni is smart, sweet, and caring, which puts the client at ease from the outset. I have had ashiatsu before – some good, some just so-so – but Jeni is clearly an expert, which is not surprising, since much of her practice consists of teaching ashiatsu to novices. If you’ve never had ashiatsu before, it may sound odd – the masseuse walking all over you with her bare feet – but it’s really the best way to get into those stiff, aching muscles. Traditional Swedish massage, by comparison, just feels like someone rubbing and pulling on your skin. Anyway, if I ever come back to San Antonio, the very first thing I’m doing is booking an ashiatsu appointment with Jeni Spring!

I was desparate! I couldn’t walk more than 50 feet without intense muscle pain in my hip. I had half of my back (12 ins.) fused to my sacrum followed by knee replacement which left one leg 1/4 in. shorter than the other…. hence excruciating hip pain when walking any distance. I had tried physical therapy (3 times) and countless traditional massage therapists. I came across Jeni’s website accidentally and decided I would try anything. Long story short…. Jeni is a miracle worker. I can now walk about 2 miles before I feel any discomfort. Her geekiness for muscular anatomy pushes her over the top into body work you have never experienced unless it’s been by Jeni. She literally saved my life from being bound to a wheelchair. This should be on everyone’s bucket list. There really aren’t sufficient words to rave about Jeni’s abilities. She rocked my world and will yours as well.

I have been to a dozen day spa’s in the San Antonio area, many truly great. But, my back is a challenge to everyone, and it was hard to get a thorough deep tissue that helped, and didn’t feel like a legal beating. The Ashiatsu was very deep, hit all the trigger points, got all the releases of muscles, and was not painful in the least. it was super-relaxing, and I cannot imagine anything else for my deep tissue massages from this point on. What a great and relaxing massage.

I was not sure what to expect from a barefoot massage but I can tell you, the experience cannot be expressed in words – just feelings – WONDERFUL. I was so relaxed when I walked out the door, I could barely drive home much less think of what I was doing on my way home. Very nice environment to top it all off.

I felt toes poking, heels digging and soles sweeping and gliding as every muscle was kneaded and every joint gently pried in this thoughtfully choreographed dance across my body…. I felt myself lost is a blissful state, losing my sense of time and hoping it wasn’t over. It’s obvious that Jeni loves her work and I certain that’s what I was feeling.

Ashiatsu is amazing. I highly recommend getting an ashiatsu massage by Jeni Spring. She did a wonderful job resulting in the best massage experience I’ve ever had. Not only was the massage a wonderfully relaxing experience, but my body felt terrific the following day.

I’ve had many deep tissue massages that were very relaxing. But Jeni’s Ashiatsu massage is the best by far. She worked on my problem areas and her Ashi-Thai therapy was a great stretch for my hams, glutes, and quads. I’ll let Jeni walk all over me any day!

I made an appointment with Jeni for a basic introductory Sole Sampler . Jeni was ready when I arrived , she gave me an excellent overview of what she’d be doing and what was expected of me .. Throughout the process she explained each step as it was applied .. I really had no problems of any kind , other than curiosity … I just enjoyed the experience .. Thirty minutes of pure relaxation and great conversation . I’ll be back !

My back was killing me for days. Jeni not only listened to my needs but also added other techniques that she felt would give me maximum benefit. The massage was not only deep but extremely relaxing. I feel this is one of the best therapies available and San Antonio is lucky to have her in the community. Thanks Jeni for putting the Spring back in my step.

I have been getting massages for the last 8 years, let’s just say I love them. I even have had several ashi massages, and I even love those more. When I was travelling to San Antonio I decided to Google barefoot massage and Jeni’s site came up. I read the reviews, and thought wow this is going to be good. After 2 hours with jeni I was not disappointed. In fact it was the best massage I ever had. I wish she was in Louisiana cause I would go to her often. I’ll have til wait til in area for next time

I enjoy every session I have when I get a chance to have Jeni surf on my back. She knows exactly how to release those tight bound up areas. I feel awesome for several days after a 90 minute session. Jeni’s technic and creativity is one of a kind. Great Ashiatsu! I highly recommend having Ashi by Jeni

I’ve had a number of massages the past few years, and the Ashiatsu massage with Jenni was certainly one of the best, if not THE best. It was a good mix between relaxing and healing. I definitely be returning.

Thoroughly enjoyed my Ashiatsu massage! Jeni was professional, thorough and her knowledge and experience was evident as my body relaxed and lengthened…yum. I had my very first ashiatsu massage yesterday and it was the most incredible massage of my life! I will never go back to a normal massage! Jeni Spring is very talented. I felt so relaxed during and after the massage and my body still feels great over 24 hours later. I can’t wait to go back!

I have been having prenatal Ashi-Thai sessions since I was 3 months pregnant. They have been incredibly relaxing; Jeni is amazing with side-lying techniques & is always looking for new things to try.

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