Mission Statement

As the first barefoot massage focused multi-therapist clinic, internship and training center in the nation, Heeling Sole aims to be the source for safe, high-quality Barefoot Massage Therapy training and therapeutic massage services, while serving as the hub for public and professional education in the growing field of Barefoot Massage.  We pride ourselves on excellent ongoing training from massage industry leaders, and we are excited to provide such effective barefoot massage therapy to our clients all day, every day. Heeling Sole is a space that nurtures the growth and experience levels for barefoot massage therapists to thrive, which shows in the quality care our community receives during their sessions.

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Established in 2003 near Seattle, in San Antonio since 2007.

New Client Health Intake Form

Download our new client paperwork and complete it with more thought at your own convenience (rather than rushing right before your massage!)

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The time saved for your massage appointments are reserved “solely” for you. Often times, we have upwards of 10 people hoping to book the same massage appointment time – but once it’s yours it’s yours, and we have to turn the rest away. If for some reason you do not arrive to receive your scheduled massage, then we are not only missing out on your business, but also the business of all those who wanted a massage in the time you picked.

Our Cancellation Policy has been put in place out of consideration to honor and value our busy clients and our professional massage therapists’ time.

To give others a chance to receive the awesome benefits of a barefoot massage in your absence, we require 24 hours notice for any cancellations, so that we have a better chance to refill the appointment with another soon-to-be “heeled” client. A quick call to 210-560-1992 is preferred for notice, leave a voicemail if we don’t answer. Text messages are not acceptable forms of contact to our office phone number, or to our staff’s cell phones. Please let us know when you’d like to reschedule, we are happy to get you on the massage table when it fits your schedule better.

For canceled appointments within 24 hours of their scheduled start time, you may be charged 50% of the regular price if we cannot fill the spot in your absence, for missed appointments without notice, the full price of the session will be charged to your account.

Shortening your appointment on the same day does count as a late cancellation. For example, your massage is reserved for 90 minutes, and when you arrive at the office you realize that you need to shorten it to 60 minutes to leave early, then 50% of that difference will be charged.

A credit card is always required to reserve an appointment with Heeling Sole in order to hold your appointment and enforce our cancellation policy. We do not charge this card except for when our Cancellation Policy needs to be applied. Your information is not shared, it is secure within our private system. If your appointment is held with a gift card, the same charges explained above will be applied to the balance of the card.

Cancellation Policies such as this are standard practice within the massage and spa industry, and we hope that you value our time as much as we do yours. We really do appreciate your business. We aim to be effective and fair to all of our exceptional clients. Of course we are all human and are understanding people, so acceptations to the rules can be made on a case by case basis at our managements discretion.

If it is your first appointment with us, there will be a little bit of paperwork for you to complete. A Daily Health Report form will be filled out at subsequent visits as a way of tracking your progress. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first appointment, and 5 minutes early on following visits, to allow stress-free check-in, and time to work on your health intake form.

Your appointment is reserved for you, and only you. Arriving late will possibly interfere with your treatment time. If we can accommodate a few minutes here and there, we will do the best we can to give you the full length of your scheduled massage. However, so that the next guest will not be delayed, and so that our massage therapists can have time between sessions to eat, rest, and recenter, we cannot cut into someone else’s time by extending yours.

Due to safety considerations and very limited lobby space, children (anyone under the age of 18) are not permitted in the office. We request that you make arrangement for childcare during your appointment. We love kids, but as a busy clinic, we cannot provide childcare while you receive your services.

Unattended children will be fed to the Sasquatch, ha!

Your first visit we’ll have you complete a health intake form. Recurring visits entail a brief check up for paperwork and progress sake. After a thorough health intake with your massage therapist, we will be able to best suit the needs of your session for the day. Knowing a history of your aches, pains, diagnosed conditions, past surgeries, trauma, medications, etc. gives us a safe point of reference to start from. Please read this page on our website regarding if Barefoot Massage is right for you at this time.

You must be at least 18 years of age and weigh over 130 pounds. Texas state massage law dictates that minors may receive massage therapy with the guardians consent and they also state that the parent/guardian be in the same room during the session, however, we chose not to work on anyone under the age of 18. This gravity assisted deep tissue massage can be too aggressive for smaller framed humans who are still growing. Due to the fact that our massage therapists are at times 2-4 feet off the ground working hard to balance and focus, we choose not to allow a second person in the massage room, as it can be a distraction and a safety concern to all parties involved in the massage.

We’ll leave the massage room to give you time to undress and settle in beneath the sheets on our deluxe w-i-d-e, padded and warm massage table. If you are receiving an Ashiatsu or Chavutti massage, it is imperative that you undress completely. Yes, I said it, there’s not much “undressing to your comfort level” here at Heeling Sole. We need to work directly with the tissue in your booty, legs and your feet, so please, remove your undies and socks as well as all the usual clothing, and we PROMISE that we will keep you covered where it counts with a sheet. Professional draping is required by the state of Texas except with written permission – and we at Heeling Sole never work without draping, even if you want us to. This is a professional massage therapy session, and exposed nudity is NOT our thing. We haven’t ever, and don’t need to see that side of you! Underwear is almost an insult to us. For some reason we have no issues pushing through your lovely skin to engage the muscles, but we do get weirded out when our toes get tangled in underwear or when we simply have to step on your skivvies. It becomes a safety issue, and honestly does remove some beneficial work from the massage if we have to skip an area or work through fabric, rather than glide and slide through the skin. HOWEVER if you are receiving just an Ashi-Thai, Fijian, Shiatsu, Thai, or Rossiter stretching session, not blended with Ashiatsu, please wear flexible clothing – like what you would wear to work out in. We don’t mind stepping on normal clothes

While you undress, we’ll clean, sanitize and warm our feet, and start the session as soon as we return to the room.

You are in control of your massage, and we need you to give instant feedback on the pressure level – we are looking for no deeper than the “hurts so good level”, and your comfort is always most important to us. We want almost a play-by-play from the horse’s mouth as we get to know your muscles and your bodies response to our work. Let us know if it needs to be lighter, deeper, a hair to the left, etc, and we’ll adjust right away! Your feedback does NOT hurt our feelings, it’s encouragement for us to give you the best massage possible that day.

If it helps you to relax by having a little conversation outside of the feedback aspect of our communication, go ahead and talk about your great second cousin’s crazy encounter with aliens, or your friend’s amazing food, but don’t feel obligated – we love to hear your stories or the sounds of your snooze. On the flipside, if your body and mind need silence, we are ninja’s, and we don’t mind working in stealth mode. (Just don’t forget to speak up when pressure needs adjustments!)

Your job during the massage is to focus on your breathing, be heavy, and physically melt into the table. If we try to move your limbs, don’t help. It’s actually better if you are dead weight. So think ~heavy~, be a bag of bones on our table, and we’ll position, stretch or place your limbs exactly where is best for the moment, or if we need you to help, we’ll definitely let you know!

Sessions will incorporate as much “massage time” as possible, however, your session may require 5 minutes of pre-session interviewing, post-session follow-up and/or self-care suggestions to better enhance your massage experience. We’ll take the massage right up to the last minute possible, and will let you know when the session is over, so don’t worry about the time.

You can choose to end the massage at any time during the session if it’s not your thing – but we bet you’ll be more likely to want to lengthen the session!

Jeni is not accepting new clients. No discounts, memberships, or sales prices apply to her services.

Jeni is not the best barefoot massage therapist of all the land. She’s just the busiest. Her prices are set higher to reflect her experience as well as the rareness of her free time. While running Heeling Sole, teaching FasciAshi across the nation, and running the Center for Barefoot Massage, that only leaves about 8 hours of available massage time each week for appointments. Some weeks more, some weeks less. Jeni is not accepting new clients, and existing clients are scheduled on a limited basis with the understanding that they could be cancelled due to her teaching schedule.

We HIGHLY recommend that instead of Jeni, you schedule with the other excellent Sasquatch staff here at Heeling Sole, especially if you are looking for a regularly occurring appointment. Jeni’s schedule is sporadic and she is not consistently in town to massage you. All the massage therapists on staff have been trained in myofascial ashiatsu and other barefoot massage techniques by Jeni, and are mentored as long as they work at Heeling Sole in the finer tricks and talents for treating specific tissue issues. Although every massage therapists add a different flavor to their feel of the technique, and every therapist has their own unique strengths, Jeni works hard to educate and train her staff so that they are equipped to give you an equivalent session to what she offers. The team wouldn’t be here if Jeni didn’t think their massages were awesome! We encourage you to try a massage with each of our Heeling Sole “Sasquatch” staff to feel the benefits of each style for yourself – you’ll find something amazing out of each pair of their feet!

If you are planning to receive a Thai, Shiatsu, Fijian, Ashi-Thai  or Rossiter (passive yoga/ facilitated stretching) session, please wear or bring comfortable, flexible attire so that we can stretch you in all directions. We do have scrubs on hand for you to borrow if needed!

Ashiatsu and Chavutti (deep tissue) sessions are best received when the client undresses completely. You may undress to your comfort level, but remember, less is more, so that we can fluidly glide from head to toe without getting caught on fabric, and to avoid staining your clothes with our oil and creme. You will always be safely and warmly covered by a sheet with only the area being worked uncovered – never inappropriately exposed.

Offers and discounts cannot be combined

Gift Certificates / Gift Cards purchased for flat dollar amounts do not expire, but the balance does automatically depreciate by 5% on the day after its year anniversary if the gift card maintains an unused balance. We recommend that you use your gift card ASAP!

Gift Cards purchased for specific services DO expire within a year (and some seasonal mega-offers expire within 6 months) – we request that you redeem your services within 6 months of the purchase date.

We are not responsible for lost/stolen gift cards. Lost gift cards cannot always be tracked without the gift card number from the back of the card, your purchase receipt, or the email confirmation. Please do not lose this information so that you do not lose access to the funds on the gift card!

Massage Memberships expire 4 months from the initial start date of each contract. Your account will be auto drafted for the agreed upon 1-2 discounted massages a month for 3 months in a row. These sessions cannot be shared with another person. The system will send reminder messages alerting clients when they are nearing expiration. Any unused services are forfeit ~unless~ you renew your contract with no lapse. You can set your contract to “auto-renew” to avoid any break in your discounted series of visits to Heeling Sole.

Massage Packages are only ~occasionally~ offered on the Solstices and Equinoxes, or during special promotional events when necessary. These pre-paid packs of massages expire 6 months from purchase date, can be shared with others or split onto gift cards, but cannot be combined with any other offer. Any unused sessions after 6 months are forfeit.

All sales (gift certificates, series packages, prepaid massage, classes, and/or any services offered) are final and non-refundable. However, they are transferrable and may be gifted to another person for any reason.

The Massage Therapists at Heeling Sole are licensed and highly trained professionals in the field of therapeutic massage, and are fully certified in FasciAshi, Fijian, Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai, Thai and Chavutti. We hold ourselves to a high level of ethical and professional standards in line with the American Massage Therapy Association and the Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals organizations, as well as the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. We adhere to both Texas and Washington State massage laws. Draping is always required, confidentiality is always maintained, and therapeutic, relaxing massages are provided by amazing licensed massage therapists.

Although it rarely happens, this next part needs to be said to protect our therapists from harm: we have a strict policy regarding the mutual professionalism and level of respect maintained here at Heeling Sole. Any inappropriate requests, behaviors or actions during the massage will result in a termination of the session, and your account will be charged the full amount of the session.

Heeling Sole reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, be it for reasons of personal safety, issues of health or hygiene, or for requests that are outside of a Massage Therapists scope of practice.



Your rights as a client are just as important. We want you to feel safe during your massage. Please let us know immediately if we need to adjust the placement and positioning of our sheets and blankets to keep you covered. We can change the temperature, the fans, the music, our pressure, as well as anything about our approach and our touch. Our Sasquatches are open to instant feedback so they can create the perfect space for you and your massage. You may always speak with our front desk staff, as Jeni empowers them with management of the office, or you can email any of your concerns to Jeni@HeelingSole.com.

Gratuity is left at your discretion and is much appreciated in cash