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Advanced Barefoot Massage Therapy

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Ashiatsu Training in Texas

As a part of the Center for Barefoot Massage, we are excited to offer FasciAshi Ashiatsu Training in Texas, as well as other amazing Barefoot Massage continuing education courses for massage therapists!

Footnotes from your Texas Ashiatsu Instructors

Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

Jessica Jenkins, LMT

Ready for a change? If you need to offer a deeper than deep tissue massage that doesn’t burn you out physically or mentally, if you need to do more massages in a day without coming home exhausted, and if you are ready to specialize in a fun, effective form of myofascial release – then you are going to LOVE the material presented in our workshops.

Heeling Sole has been the hub for Texas Ashiatsu training since 2008, and now as the home of FasciAshi and the Center for Barefoot Massage, we are the step off point for the future of this niche massage specialty!
Hi, I’m Jeni Spring! As an experienced Ashiatsu massage therapist since 2002 myself, I’ve been teaching Ashiatsu and educating massage therapists since 2008, I’ve been working hard introducing the general public to the benefits of barefoot massage all along. As of 2017, I’ve taught 100+ classes to over 800 massage therapists so far, usually 1-2 classes a month to 8-10 therapists at a time. Over my 14 years providing Ashiatsu services, I’ve worked as an employee, as an independent contractor, I was a lead therapist, a clinic manager, a consultant, and now I’m a #bosslady who still actively practices the works on my own clients. I don’t just teach Ashiatsu… I live and breath it.  My vast experience in many facets of the massage therapy industry is sure to benefit you and your future in Ashiatsu. The classes I teach will focus on growing existing, experienced Ashiatsu therapists deeper into the technique with all the intermediate, advanced and clinical level courses. You can read more about my teaching, training and presenting experience that backs up what I have to offer here.
Jessica Jenkins, my trusty partner in crime, is heading up the beginner level and sports massage classes. Jessica is a Crossfit Coach, a Mobility Coach, and a Crossfit competitor who is an anatomy geek at heart. She’s been the lead massage therapist at Heeling Sole since 2014, and has been an Ashiatsu practitioner since 2008. She has worked in a variety of massage environments – from spa’s to gyms, as well as onsite at athletic events. Jessica is a mom, an athlete, and a detailed-oriented perfectionist: but most of all she is a dedicated massage therapist who can help you start your Ashiatsu training on the right foot!
You’ll find us teaching Ashiatsu classes in Texas monthly, and you’ll continue to see us pop up at massage conventions presenting this amazing form of bodywork.Our main training center is in San Antonio, but we also teach Ashiatsu in Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth and Houston: PLUS WE CAN COME TO YOU! Email for information about how to set up onsite Ashiatsu classes.
Thank you for your interest in Ashiatsu, and we can’t wait to meet you and your feet!  Contact us if you have any questions, we’d love to help!
Jeni Spring, LMT , LMP, MTI   &  Jessica Jenkins, LMT