Lets talk about the benefits of receiving Ashiatsu barefoot massage:

Barefoot deep tissue massage is direct applications of pressure through a muscle into underlying bone.

This deep, broad based form of bodywork assists with rest, recovery, & repair of muscle tissue and creates a positive structural change in chronic soft tissue damage.


Ashiatsu movements along the spinal muscles and the lumbar region help to open the intervertebral disc space, increasing the discs height which allows the nucleus pulposus inside the disc to assume a more central position within the annular fibers, relieving irritation on the spinal nerves and connective tissue.

“Hurts so Good” NOT “Not Pain no Gain.” You can now experience pain-free, bruise-free pressure on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues without wincing, clenching or holding your breath from pokey elbows, knuckles or thumbs!

Ashiatsu Barefoot massage is an effective bodywork treatment for treating and preventing all types of athletic injuries. Most clients report significant decreases pain with amazing increases in range of motion and athletic performance.

Clients with sports or repetitive strain injuries receiving this type of massage often find they are even more flexible after the sessions than before they were injured!

Deeper than a typical Deep Tissue session, but feels like a Swedish massage, that perfect level of pressure you’ve been looking for with a stretch that takes you further than you could go on your own- the “deepest, most luxurious massage in San Antonio!” a popular new twist on an ancient healing art

If you are on the search for a consistent pressured massage, Barefoot Massage might be it!

Ashiatsu is Deep Tissue without the pain

Long expansive head to toe strokes stimulate the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems faster, creating a sense of well being, improvement of bodily functions, and homeostatis.

Typically, just 20 minutes of Ashiatsu can do what takes an HOUR of Swedish massage to achieve!

Centripetal and Centrifugal movements in our technique increase circulation with freshly oxygenated blood to the areas being treated, awakening interoception through neuromuscular communication.

Deep, consistent compression from a well trained foot releases adhesions, trigger points and chronic holding patterns, and encourages your body’s natural healing potential.

Myofascial stretching with vertebral traction elongate the spine, improving movement and posture while relieving chronic pain and spasm. Deep, broad pressure with sustained stretches improves “flexibility” and range of motion.

As “Feet”ured in regional and national publications!

Jeni was interviewed in Dr. Oz’s Magazine, and has been published in others. Be sure to check out the Media Page for access to Ashiatsu articles.

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