Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

Owner of Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage Therapy

Partner & Creative Force behind The Center for Barefoot Massage

Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI. Ashiatsu Instructor, owner of Heeling Sole Barefoot MassageTX LMT #047987, TX MTI #2235, TX CE #1378, WA LMP #MA18117

Jeni Spring is the owner of Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage – the nations first multi-therapist specialty clinic that only offers barefoot massage services.  She has been a practitioner of Ashiatsu since 2003, a Massage Therapist since 2002, and an Ashiatsu instructor since 2009. In February 2017, Jeni co-founded the Center for Barefoot Massage, a continuing education company for massage therapists, where she launched the FasciAshi barefoot massage technique. She was previously an Authorized Instructor and top producer for Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy between March 2008 and February 2017.

Trained by the founder and leading instructors of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Fijian Massage, Barefoot Sports Massage, and the Rossiter Technique, Jeni has helped to build Barefoot Massage awareness around the nation, creating a wave of healing footprints across peoples backs everywhere she goes. As an educator in the field of massage therapy, Jeni has taught across the US, as well as internationally and online, has published articles in massage magazines, and demonstrates barefoot massage at national massage conventions.

Jeni has set the standard for the signature massage here at Heeling Sole with her style of FasciAshi, which is her blend of myofascial release and barefoot massage techniques. The flavor of her sessions stem from Jeni’s years of experience applying orthopedic, medical, clinical and injury treatment based massage techniques with her feet. Expect to feel an intuitive, slow flowing, deeper than deep tissue full body massage that incorporates joint manipulation and very specific work to chronic tissue issues anywhere in your body.

Jeni also teaches the Mobility classes at Heeling Sole. She has a 200 hour Yoga Instructor training from Southtown Yoga, and is slowly pursuing her Yoga, Mobility and Movement based continuing education whenever she’s not ankle deep in someone’s muscles!

How did this all happen??!
Jeni Learned Ashiatsu 2 days after completing her initial Seattle Massage School training… infact, she skipped her college graduation in order to attend her first Ashiatsu course.

Within her first year of massaging, Jeni worked at Seattle area spa’s part time while building her own massage practice – mainly a focus on injury treatment bodywork surrounding car accidents and on the job injuries. She collaborated with local chiropractors, physical therapists and a team of massage therapists to develop her feet and hands as effective tools to treat whiplash, bulging discs, muscle strains and chronic pain.

While moonlighting at frouffy spas, Jeni was contracted to develop a barefoot massage menu at a high end spa in Kirkland, Washington, and she arranged for advanced barefoot massage instructors to fly into town from around the nation and train the staff – this started to deepen her network within the massage profession at an early stage in her career. As her private practice grew, Jeni weened herself away from the pampering massage world and dove feet first into what is now known as medical massage. Jeni focused her studies into her feet, and every continuing education course she took, or retook, she applied the protocols to her barefoot massage session, refining the accuracy and effectiveness within her Ashiatsu sessions.

It was during this time that Jeni started using a strap dangling from her Ashiatsu bars for extra leverage and support while applying myofascial release with her feet on varying planes and angles. It seemed like a no-brainer at the time for her, but this element has since grown to be a revolutionary and important aspect of the FasciAshi technique she ultimately developed.

After relocating to San Antonio due to her husbands job promotion in 2007, Jeni was handpicked by the founder of Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy to become an instructor for the modality. Jeni trained further in her Ashiatsu studies, but also worked onsite with an Osteopath, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, as well an Active Release Technique practitioner while she attended St Phillips College working towards an Occupational Therapy degree. It took a complete restart involving her stubborn choice to retire her hands completely and only massage with her feet, but Jeni opened Heeling Sole in San Antonio as a solo therapist, which grew into the business that you see today, as it incorporates all of her clinical and practical, and even frou-frou spa experience that accumulated over the course of her career.

Since she began teaching Ashiatsu, Jeni has consistently been one of the top-producing instructors for the DeepFeet modality each year, over 900 students have come through her classroom so far. Staying in high demand from massage therapists who travel from all over the world, Jeni is inspired by all the amazing people who choose to train with her. The first european Ashiatsu class was taught in Germany by Jeni, and she was a ‘feetured‘ presenter in the World Massage Conference, has taught at massage conventions, as well as at massage schools. She’s about to teach the LARGEST ashiatsu class ever: with almost 100 people attending, in the August 2018 World Massage Festival in Las Vegas. Jeni Spring has been published in Massage Magazine, the Journal of Massage Science, Les Nouvelles, and Dr Oz.

To prove that Ashiatsu can be a service that can enhance your practice, Jeni retired her hands in 2008 and has ONLY provided Barefoot Massage since. This business, Heeling Sole, is currently the only barefoot massage specific, multi-therapist clinic and training center in the country, and thanks to Ashiatsu, it is a thriving example for the emerging barefoot massage field.

Jeni has grown from a super-excited, uber-fan of Ashiatsu into not only a past DeepFeet instructor, but also an instructor trainer, a social media manager, and acted as an operations assistant to Ruthie Hardee, helping to grow the DeepFeet modality and support their graduates while she was with that company. Upon joining forces with Mary-Claire & Paul Fredette, he co-created the Center for Barefoot Massage and launched a new approach to ashiatsu with the FasciAshi technique. Jeni took on even more roles in this company, and is working hard to create a solid continuing education program to support barefoot massage in the future of the massage therapy industry. All this the while running Heeling Sole, teaching Ashiatsu, and massaging you!

Jeni brings to every class her experience working as an employee, an independent contractor, a business owner and a boss-lady from a range of environments such as spa’s, PT/DO/DC offices, athletic venues, public events and her own massage clinic. But mainly she brings her years of active, practical experience using the technique on a daily basis – not many people can say that they’ve massaged with their feet more than with their hands over 16 years!! And even less people who teach can say that they still maintain an active massage practice.

Jeni still massages part time, but spends most of her working hours running the business end of Heeling Sole, helping to grow the barefoot massage community nationwide, teaching excited massage therapists the advanced skills of Ashiatsu, and shaping her Sasquatch staff into the best bodyworkers in the world of Barefoot Massage.

Jeni loves Salted Caramel anything, iced lattes, paddle board racing, and taking naps in her hammock.

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Education Resume

Ashmead College
(AKA Seattle Massage School)
Honor Graduate, class of May ’03
Seattle, Washington
Professional AMTA Member since 2002
Current San Antonio Unit Chair
Past Texas Chapter Newsletter Editor
Past National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Chair
Sponsor, Presenter & Vendor for AOBT @ National & TX AMTA Conventions
Vendor Coordinator for conventions
Professional ABMP Member since 2008
Supporting Member of the AFMTE since 2016
2010 TAMT East Meets West Convention
2011 Texas AMTA Convention
2012 World Massage Conference
2013 Texas AMTA Convention
2014 The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa
2015 Texas AMTA Convention
2016 Washington AMTA Convention
2017 Texas AMTA Convention
2018 World Massage Festival
2019 Texas AMTA Convention
Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapist
Mastery Level
Certified in Ashiatsu DeepFeet Therapy (AOBT)
Certified in Ashi-Thai
AOBT Authorized Associate Instructor 2008-2017
6 month apprenticeship & ongoing training with the founder
Graduate Services website moderator & Social Media manager
Southwest Ashiatsu Regional Director
Fijian Massage
Barefoot Sports Massage
Rossiter Method
Breema Bodywork
Shoshin Shiatsu

Yoga Tune-Up: Roll Model Method

Crossfit MobilityWod Specialty Training

Certified Rocktape Functional Movement Therapist

Advanced Studies in Anatomy and Movement

200 Hour Yoga Instructor Training

Structural Relief Therapy

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Structural Integration Techniques

Pre/Perinatal Massage

Additional training in:
Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Assistant
Clinical and Medical Massage
Advanced Injury Treatment
Medical Terminology & documentation
Myofascial Release
Indian Head Massage
Chinese Facial Fusion
Active/Passive/Restricted ROM Techniqes
Trigger Point Therapy
Rehabilitation Exercises
Therapeutic Taping Techniques
Theories in Teaching Adult CE Courses
Movement Therapy
Nutritious Movement
Natural Reflex Therapy
Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hours
Functional Movability Therapy