Relaxation Day is today’s national holiday – does that make you want a relaxing massage? Well, the good news is that chemically, deep down to the cells of your body, a sense of relaxation happens with every ‘Deeper than Deep’ massage we do, even when it gets down to that “hurts so good” level of pressure! During your sessions, we do the hard work and focus on treating your soft tissue injuries, speed up your recovery time, resolve chronic pain, and enhance your own internal body awareness. What we provide is an investment into your own self-care, self-awareness, wellness, rehabilitation, muscle recovery and injury prevention.
Pain managmenent is the new Relaxation

Pain management is the new Relaxation

Massage Therapy is not a luxury anymore like it was in the 90’s, and Heeling Sole is DEFINITELY not a spa environment.

Relaxation doesn’t always need Enya and Lavender, or Instagram-worthy, minimalist decoration style locations to work. It can be more about the skill of the massage therapist, the powerful effects of the massage itself, but mostly, and your participation within the session. (Plus maybe a little CBD added in to your session for $10 to help reduce inflammation and anxiety!)

We work with you on what can structurally, anatomically help get you out of pain now – that’s what we will be focusing on during your sessions here. We want to help you find stillness within that most gnarly, crazy, nagging painful spot. That spot on your hip that you don’t think you’re just going to have to “deal with?” Don’t bliss out and ignore it. Tell us about those spots as we get near them. Let us put a foot on it, and then you work to relax into the sensations.


This is what has helped many of our clients retrain the pain cycle of their brain and triggering reactions in their bodies.

With every barefoot massage you get at Heeling Sole, bring your awareness inside the pressure of our massages. You’ll be able to help direct us to the most specific point of your tissue issues through this new found awareness. If you happen to relax enough to zone out and catch a power nap: more power to you, but don’t make that your #1 goal: give us something to work on and get your money’s worth! Set your mind to focus on the work we do, and your body will begin to drag you down into a healing relaxation response!

“How is that possible?! You are using your feet and standing on me, how is that relaxing!??!”

Trust me – the relaxation aspect happens anyways, even when we are massaging you outdoors at the Farmers Market! Barefoot Massage offers slow moving, broad pressured, myofascial and stretch therapy techniques. Our skilled feet can get just as detailed as hands, but our body weight and gravity allows us to maintain consistent pressure at the depth your body “kneads” to pull itself out of acute stress responses, or chronic guarding patterns.

Think of all the outdoor yoga places in parks, bridges, boats….. The idea for those classes is to go inside yourself, bring your awareness to your INTEROCEPTION… A sciency word for noticing whats going on within your body. Receiving a deep, detailed, myofascial barefoot massage can be just as strong a meditation practice as yoga on the Hays Street Bridge with a train running underneath. 

Your nervous system reacts to our big-footed pressure the same as if it were a weighted blanket.

Your muscles won’t need to clench from the pokey pain of elbows and fingers – it can melt under the rounded surfaces of our warm, clean, smooth feet.

Watch my rambling video 😉