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Welcome to San Antonio’s favorite deep tissue massage clinic! Massage Therapy is an investment into your own self-care, self-awareness, wellness, rehabilitation and injury prevention. BAREFOOT Massage Therapy is exactly that, but deeper…. with less evil elbows!

We work with you on what can structurally, anatomically help get you out of pain now – that’s what we will be focusing on during your sessions here. We just happen to use our broad feet rather than our hands to do the trick.

Come get under our feet to make a change in your life today!

San Antonio Massage Appointments

Most massage therapists on staff (who we lovingly call “Sasquatches”) are $80/hour.

Interns are $64/hour, Ninja is $90/hour, and Jeni is $125/hour

Ask us about our Memberships! Save 10% – 12% when you commit to 1-2 massages a month!

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San Antonio Valentines Day Couples Massage Class 2019

Valentines Day Couples Barefoot Massage Class

Jeni is teaching this class in Southtown, San Antonio at our new friends CBD body-product business, SOAK Mind & Body!

$80/couple on Saturday, 2/15, 3-5pm in Southtown

Sign up for the Saturday Class in Southtown
San Antonio Valentines Day Singles event 2019

Anti-Valentine’s Day Singles Self-Massage Class

Jeni is bringing back the mobility class for this special singles-only self-massage party!

$50/person on Sunday, 2/16, from 2-4pm @ Heeling Sole

Sign up for the Sunday class in Alamo Heights

Voted San Antonio’s Best Massage 7 Years In A Row – and we don’t even use our hands!

We are proud to say that Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage was Voted San Antonio’s Favorite Massage Therapist in the San Antonio Current Magazine for 7 years! 

San Antonio’s Best Deep Tissue Massage is here

We’re ready and waiting to bodysurf you.


Need a relaxing massage in San Antonio? Well, the good news is that chemically, deep down to the cells of your body, a sense of relaxation happens with every ‘Deeper than Deep’ massage we do, even when it gets down to that “hurts so good” level of pressure! During your sessions, we do the hard work and focus on treating your soft tissue injuries, speed up your recovery time, resolve chronic pain, and enhance your own internal body awareness.

How is that possible?! Barefoot Massage offers slow moving, broad pressured, myofascial and stretch therapy techniques. Our skilled feet can get just as detailed as hands, but our body weight and gravity allows us to maintain consistent pressure at the depth your body “kneads.” Your nervous system reacts to this big-footed pressure the same as if it were a weighted blanket. Your muscles won’t need to clench from the pokey pain of elbows and fingers – it can melt under the rounded surfaces of our warm, clean, smooth feet.

Get underfoot and get HEELED!

“What is Barefoot Massage?” live on KSAT!

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Continuing Education for Licensed Massage Therapists:

Heeling Sole is the Texas Campus for the Center for Barefoot Massage!

Monthly myofascial ashiatsu “FasciAshi” training, as well as other amazing Barefoot Massage continuing education courses specifically for massage therapists are hosted here at Heeling Sole. We have been the hub for all ashiatsu classes in Texas since 2008.  Over 1,000 LMT’s have learned to massage with their feet from Jeni Spring.

Visit for local classes, and for classes across the nation!