Massage Therapy is not a luxury, it’s an investment into your own self-care, self-awareness, wellness, rehabilitation and injury prevention. We work with you on what can structurally, anatomically help get you out of pain now – that’s what we will be focusing on during your sessions here. If you happen to relax enough to zone out and catch a power nap: more power to you!

Come get under our feet to make a change in your life today!

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Voted San Antonio’s Best Massage 6 Years In A Row – and we don’t even use our hands!

We are proud to say that Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage was Voted San Antonio’s Favorite Massage Therapist in the San Antonio Current Magazine for 6 years in a row! 

Will you rub my feet?


Can you help my Back Pain?


Need a relaxing massage? Well, the good news is that chemically, deep down to the cells of your body, a sense of relaxation happens with every ‘Deeper than Deep’ massage we do, even when it gets down to that “hurts so good” level of pressure! During your sessions, we do the hard work and focus on treating your soft tissue injuries, speed up your recovery time, resolve chronic pain, and enhance your own internal body awareness.

How is that possible?! Barefoot Massage offers slow moving, broad pressured, myofascial and stretch therapy techniques. Our skilled feet can get just as detailed as hands, but our body weight and gravity allows us to maintain consistent pressure at the depth your body “kneads.” Your nervous system reacts to this big-footed pressure the same as if it were a weighted blanket. Your muscles won’t need to clench from the pokey pain of elbows and fingers – it can melt under the rounded surfaces of our warm, clean, smooth feet.

Get underfoot and get HEELED!

Massage Reviews

Great experience! The only reason I would tell someone not to go would be if feet really bothers them. I had a lady named Ninja and she was so good to me!! She seemed to care more about taking care of me then the clock, which resulted in a great experience for me. I left there feeling amazing (the good pain from a productive message). I will be back!

Jessica F

Found this place by accident , and been going here for the last two years since.I love the experience every time. My body feels better after each session, wish I had more time and money to go more often.

Alex H

Had my first Ashiatsu massage yesterday from Ninja H. She said she wasn’t a real ninja, but I disagree. The massage had constant, even, firm pressure that really made a difference and felt great. This is the deep tissue massage you’ve been dreaming about. It was evident that Ninja loves what she does and really cares. I will be back! Thanks!

Alan S

I’ve had two massages. First with Rose then with Erica. Both way exceeded
expectations! Heeling Sole really has something special. I’m sure everyone who books here will find their home for massage!

Sonny J

My first but certainly not my last visit. I went in for pain relief from sciatica and it did provide relief.
Jessica did my massage and was marvelous. The rest of the staff was friendly and engaging. Will be returning soon.

Steven M

Lovely location – it’s a beach escape in the middle of the city. Ashiatsu has helped with my chronic tension more than any other massage. The massage therapists are knowledgeable and professional. The yoga room is also very calming. One of my favorite places to practice.

Lauren P
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Barefoot Massage explained by Jeni, live on KSAT!

San Antonio’s Best Deep Tissue Massage is here

We’re ready and waiting to bodysurf you.

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Continuing Education for Licensed Massage Therapists:

Heeling Sole is the Texas Campus for the Center for Barefoot Massage!

Monthly myofascial ashiatsu “FasciAshi” training, as well as other amazing Barefoot Massage continuing education courses specifically for massage therapists are hosted here at Heeling Sole. We have been the hub for all ashiatsu classes in Texas since 2008.  Over 1,000 LMT’s have learned to massage with their feet from Jeni Spring.

Visit for local classes, and for classes across the nation!