Barefoot Massage on the Floor!

Heeling Sole’s own infusion of every barefoot modality that we have researched and trained in. It’s part Fijian Barefoot Massage – an aboriginal sports massage and trigger point technique brought back from from the Fijian Island of Kadavu, infused with the hypnotic push-pull rolling techniques of Anma and Shiatsu, two of the oldest forms of bodywork from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s part Rossiter Technique, an active pin and stretch technique to increase mobility. The cherry on top is our Fix Pain model of barefoot massage, it’s the delicious “give weight and wait” philosophy of adding sustained pressure, and having the patience and body awareness to wait for that tissue to melt. Put it all together, and you’ve got some modern medi-zen and a great massage!

  • $40 for 30 minutes
  • $80 for 60 minutes
  • $120 for 90 minutes
  • $160 for 120 minutes
  • Ninja is $90/hour, Jeni Spring is $125/hour. Interns are available at 20% off while they train!

What is Fijian Barefoot Massage?

Brought to the United States from the Fijian and New Zealand Islands by our beloved instructor, Lolita Knight, this wonderful barefoot massage is performed on the floor, with you still in your clothes. The Fijian Massage aspects of this massage incorporate specific, deep pressure followed by a vigorous jostle movement to the larger muscle groups to help encourage increased neuromuscular connections and activation of weak, inhibited muscle groups. Fijian Massage works with more specificity and intensity buy using our strong toes and bony aspects of our feet to dig out the gnarly adhesions and “knots” living in your tissues. If appropriate, this session may include some two footed backwalking techniques – if it is safe for both parties.

What is Anma and Shiatsu?

This nurturing therapy comes from ancient China and is over 5000 years old. Some speculate that Anma’s true origins lie in India and is well over 10,000 years old. Anma was first brought to Japan by warrior monks from China through Korea about 1,500 years ago. In China this therapy is pronounced ‘Anmo’. When Anmo was brought to Japan the technique was further refined and developed into its own therapeutic art form that predates Shiatsu. Over the years Anma has influenced the birth of many other forms of massage, such as Shiatsu, Tuina, and many modernized western styles of barefoot massage. Your therapist may use one foot at a time to press, roll, and rock into your body into a stress-free trance-like state, evoking the “rest and digest” aspects of your parasympathetic nervous system.

What is the Rossiter Technique?

Developed by a Rolfer, this style of barefoot massage has a strong fascia focus. With our foot, we will pin down a point of resistance in your tissue, and then direct you to move in specific actions to help create space within the fascial tissue. The result from this active pin and stretch technique is that it will effectively elongate tissue for a maximum full body fascial stretch, creating a deeper body awareness by way of your interpretive dance of pain.

What is Fix Pain?

This is a highly effective Barefoot Sports Massage developed by John Harris, a hilarious somatic genius who was the co-founder of the Sports Massage Training Institute and a massage therapist in the Olympics. The influences in this massage bring attention to trigger points and their referral patterns – helping your body become aware of its actual problem spots, not just where you happen to notice the pain. Long, sustained holds on your worst spots (which could be tsubo’s, trigger points, or whatever “buried treasures” are hidden within your muscle tissue) will truly awaken your body’s natural self healing abilities and melt the stuckness away.

What will this massage feel like?

An effective and grounding deep pressured massage, performed on a comfortable padded floor mat from the therapists’ feet! No lotion or oil is used, and there is less emphasis on skin-to-skin contact as we work through your clothing. (So be sure to wear loose comfortable clothes! Scrubs will be available onsite to change into if needed.) Experience an intense wave of foot-prints to wash away areas of chronic pain!

Is Barefoot Massage on the floor right for you?

Can you get on and off the floor easily? Do you like deep pressure? Wanna try something new? Then yes.

Is Barefoot Massage safe?

The depth of this massage is completely dependent on the condition of your muscle tissues and the therapists ability to balance on them. Two feet and some therapeutic, safe back walking may possibly be applied, if appropriate for the situation. Your therapist may use over head support to hold onto for balance and weight distribution, and a clear method of feedback with open communication between the client and practitioner will ensure a safe, therapeutic session.

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