Fijian Barefoot Massage is a moderate to very deep compression and friction form of bodywork using the therapists body weight and gravity for deep tissue connection. Different from Ashiatsu, Fijian Barefoot Massage is performed while the client lays on a floor mat and is traditionally done over the clothing with no lubricant. No walking on the client is EVER done, two footed techniques are only giving while the therapist is sitting down.

Fijian Massage Basics

In this class students will learn (traditional-dry, no lotion/lubricant) Fijian Massage – Techniques will be taught prone, supine, and side-lying. In this class all techniques are done through loose gym-like clothing and on a padded floor setting. The history, floor set up and padding options, foot care & stretching, hygiene, the 9 parts of the foot, benefits, contraindications, and of course barefoot techniques are presented. The majority of time spent is ‘feet on’. If you have certain health issues that can hinder you from receiving this massage (osteoporosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, etc.), a model can be used in such cases.