Sasquatch Sightings are when Heeling Sole Massages away from the office around town

Sasquatch Sightings

If you’d like us to set up at YOUR event – contact us!

CBD massages at Heeling Sole thanks to Natural Heights

After normal office hours Saturday 4/20, we’ll be massaging in front of our office on our portable rig! Come visit us and bring all those friends/family you’ve been telling us about, let them try a 15 minute sample of our work!

15 minute massages for $20 are happening

 Saturday from 4:20-7pm

in conjunction with our neighbor’s biz party!

While you are here, learn more about the benefits of CBD, how it could help you, your kids, your pets, your parents… AND learn about how legal it is! The experts at Natural Heights will tell you all about it….. we’ll just walk on your backs!

Each person who receives a 15 minute massage during this event will get a $20 coupon emailed to them. You can use that towards any regularly priced massage or gift card.


$20 sale FOR 4 CBD add-ons! 

Normally it’s $10 per application, but we are pre-selling a 4 pack for $20 – which means you could use all 4 of those in 1 session, or spread them out over your next appointments.

(We aren’t selling the CBD for you to take home, you can buy take-home product from the guys over at Natural Heights…. the intention is that the prepaid “add-on’s” are so that the product is used during your massage sessions.)

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