The time saved for your massage appointments are reserved “solely” for you. Often times, we have upwards of 10 people hoping to book the same massage appointment time – but once it’s yours it’s yours, and we have to turn the rest away. If for some reason you do not arrive to receive your scheduled massage, then we are not only missing out on your business, but also the business of all those who wanted a massage in the time you picked. Our massage Cancellation Policy has been put in place out of consideration to honor and value our busy clients and our professional massage therapists’ time.

To give others a chance to receive the awesome benefits of a barefoot massage in your absence, we require 24 hours notice for any cancellations, so that we have a better chance to refill the appointment with another soon-to-be “heeled” client. A quick call to 210-560-1992 is preferred for notice, leave a voicemail if we don’t answer. Text messages are not acceptable forms of contact to our office phone number, or to our staff’s cell phones. Please let us know when you’d like to reschedule, we are happy to get you on the massage table when it fits your schedule better.

For canceled appointments within 24 hours of their scheduled start time, you may be charged 50% of the regular price if we cannot fill the spot in your absence, for missed appointments without notice, the full price of the session will be charged to your account.

Shortening your appointment on the same day does count as a late cancellation. For example, your massage is reserved for 90 minutes, and when you arrive at the office you realize that you need to shorten it to 60 minutes to leave early, then 50% of that difference may be charged.

A credit card is always required to reserve an appointment with Heeling Sole in order to hold your appointment and enforce our cancellation policy. We do not charge this card except for when our Cancellation Policy needs to be applied. Your information is not shared, it is secure within our private system. If your appointment is held with a gift card, the same charges explained above will be applied to the balance of the card.

Cancellation Policies such as this are standard practice within the massage and spa industry, and we hope that you value our time as much as we do yours. We really do appreciate your business. We aim to be effective and fair to all of our exceptional clients. Of course we are all human and are understanding people, so acceptations to the rules can be made on a case by case basis at our managements discretion.