Meet Our Sasquatch (Barefoot LMT) of the Month, Alyssa!

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Meet Our Sasquatch (Barefoot LMT) of the Month, Alyssa!

This month we are FEETuring our first Sasquatch ever, Alyssa! She was Jeni’s first employee and has been working here on and off since 2013. Ally commutes from Austin and is a big advocate for  the spreading awareness of barefoot massage in her community. She specializes in Chavutti Thirumal, an ancient style of barefoot massage from India that is traditionally done on the floor while she holds onto an overhead rope, rather than bars. As one of very very very few Chavutti practitioners in the entire United States, we are very lucky to have her expert feet here on staff. So get under her feet on Thursdays and Fridays!

Hey Alyssa! How long have you been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)?

~Since January 1st, 2008. This is my 11th year!

How long have you practiced ashiatsu massage?

~Since 2009, so this is my 10th year!

What is your favorite muscle group to work on?

~The six deep lateral rotators in the hip or the scalenes and trap! (Okay, just hearing that made me want a massage, anyone else?!)

What do you enjoy most about your role as a LMT?

~I find joy in alleviating chronic pain, giving people more freedom.

What brought you to barefoot massage?

~I was seeking relief from the strain of performing 5+ hours of deep tissue a day!

Alyssa is a Scorpio, a dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, a 2nd generation therapist (woot!), and a total Ravenclaw.

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