What do Massage Therapists ~really~ think of my body?

//What do Massage Therapists ~really~ think of my body?

What do Massage Therapists ~really~ think of my body?

We understand that Licensed Massage Therapists have a weird occupation. I mean, I could describe our job as:

“We spend an hour at a time with naked people in a dark, quiet room, making origami with twin-sized sheets to keep their bodies warm and un-exposed, as we activate our X-Ray vision to trace their muscles and bones with our feet.”

We are TOE-tally sympathetic to how unnerving this situation can be for new clients. My friend wrote this blog post, and it sums up a lot of body image concerns that her Cincinnati clients have about their own bodies, which are the same that our San Antonio clients have voiced. This is a universal worry – but there is nothing to worry about. I know that is easier said than done, but we aren’t thinking about your unshaven legs, or your sweaty pits or your dimples. We are honestly excited to feel your muscles underneath all that!

Whatever you bring to the massage table is wonderful, we see beyond the superficial layers, and we can’t wait to get our feet deep into your muscle tissues and help you out of pain!

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