Jeni Spring is not accepting new clients.  She is working to reserve her time spent massaging for her students and staff, to help them grow as barefoot massage therapists.

No discounts, memberships, or sales prices apply to Jeni’s services.

Jeni is not the best barefoot massage therapist of all the land – (even though she keeps winning “Best Massage Therapist” in San Antonio from the readers of the San Antonio Current!) She’s just the busiest, as she is leading barefoot massage forward within the massage industry. Her prices are set higher to reflect her experience as well as the rareness of her time. While running Heeling Sole, teaching FasciAshi across the nation, and growing her educational company – the Center for Barefoot Massage, that only leaves about 8 hours of available massage time each week for appointments. Some weeks more, some weeks less. All the while, you can bet your bunions that she is working hard educating the public and other massage therapists on the existence of barefoot massage. One day ashiatsu and barefoot massage will be as popular and well known as “Hot Stone” massages – and it’ll be Jeni who helped push it into that limelight!

Jeni is not accepting new clients, and existing clients are scheduled on a limited basis with the understanding that they could be cancelled due to her teaching schedule.  Her schedule may not be available for viewing, or for scheduling far out in advance depending on her other work schedules. 

We HIGHLY recommend that instead of Jeni, you schedule with the other excellent Sasquatch staff here at Heeling Sole, especially if you are looking for a regularly occurring appointment. Jeni’s schedule is sporadic and she is not consistently in town to massage you. All the massage therapists on staff have been trained in myofascial ashiatsu and other barefoot massage techniques by Jeni, and are mentored as long as they work at Heeling Sole in the finer tricks and talents for treating specific tissue issues. Although every massage therapists add a different flavor to their feel of the technique, and every therapist has their own unique strengths, Jeni trusts her staff, and works hard to educate and train them so that they are equipped to give you an equivalent session to what she offers. The team wouldn’t be here if Jeni didn’t think their massages were awesome! We encourage you to try a massage with each of our Heeling Sole “Sasquatch” staff to feel the benefits of each style for yourself – you’ll find something amazing out of each pair of their feet!

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