Barefoot Foot Massage

Elements of this massage are incorporated into every session at Heeling Sole: but due to the confusion between the terminology of “Barefoot Massage” versus “Foot Massage”, we thought we’d give the crowd what they want, and offer a straight up foot massage…but we’re going to do it our way: WITH OUR FEET!

We don’t offer Reflexology, that’s not at all what this is. Please read this blog post that explains the differences between a Foot Massage, a Reflexology, and a Barefoot Massage. A component of Thai Foot Massage, our Pada Mudra Foot Treatment will “FEETure” a focus on your feet. We’ll use a blend of pressure from our own feet, incorporate passive thai-yoga bodywork stretches, and massage systematic points along Sen Lines – or ayurvedic energy lines – with our hands and feet. The level of pressure and stretching is always controlled to your preference, as you zone out on our extra comfortable massage tables.

This 30 minute foot rub will leave you relaxed and your feet renewed, your mind faded into “toe-tal” relaxation in Ashivasana – a state of nirvana evoked through grounding energy of the feet. It’s how we treat our feet, and by popular demand, from Sole to Soul, we’re now offering it to you! If you are accustomed to a traditional reflexology session, this is not true reflexology, it is more along the lines of an anatomy-based foot massage – NOT acupressure pointwork with thumbs or wooden tools.

We are professional Licensed Massage Therapists highly trained in therapeutic back walking barefoot massage and advanced bodywork techniques – voted the best massage in San Antonio 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016. Your foot treatment will be a unique combination of east meets west, modern mediZen with long lasting benefits for your mind, body and spirit.

  • $40 for 30 minutes

  • ($45 with Ninja, $62.50 with Jeni)

For the safety of our Barefoot Massage Therapists and clients, we cannot work directly on your feet if you have any fungal or bacterial conditions of your feet, such as plantars warts, athletes foot, etc.

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$80 for 60 minutes | $120 for 90 minutes | $160 for 120 minutes

(Jessica is $90/hour, Jeni Spring is $125/hour)

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All Massages given are professional, safe, respectful, and adhere to the Texas Department of State Health Services laws.
Draping is always required.

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