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Important info for future heelers!

We don’t just teach you a how to massage with your feet – we teach you how to revolutionize your approach to massage therapy, entirely.

Got questions that aren’t answered below? Call us at 210.816.1241, or email

If you are on this page, you at least have an idea of what Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is – but there’s more to it than you think! When choosing your continuing education, researching your choices is important. If you are looking for a “save your hands” deep tissue style technique, this is it!


If you are attending a class held in San Antonio, Texas, we are located inside Heeling Sole, just 5 minutes from the airport, walking distance to a grocery store, burger joint (with vegetarian options!) sandwich & coffee shops, and a Mexican restaurant! There are many lodging deals available online through websites like,, and others that can help you find a great nights stay nearby.

Closest hotel? “Crowne Plaza San Antonio Airport” 1111 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas 78209. CLICK HERE FOR THE DISCOUNTED DEAL (FREE shuttle if you stay at the Crowne Plaza hotel) **HOWEVER** They are under remodel and new management, recent students have not been impressed with it’s cleanliness. It is a convenient hotel with a shuttle to/from class and the airport.

Want to stay on the famous Riverwalk downtown? It’s about 15 minutes away by car or Uber, and I recommend El Tropicano – that’s my fave hotel. Live iguana’s and parrots throughout the hotel, a tiki bar, it’s located right on the river with a roof-top pool. Fun place!

Many students have been very happy using Air BnB for affordable accommodations, check out the listings in our Zip Code HERE!
(Here is a specific listing that came highly recommended by a therapist who stayed there for a week.)

San Antonio is a Foodie Town, eat your heart out!

The new San Antonio Training Studio
@ Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage & Yoga
1864 Nacogdoches, San Antonio (Alamo Heights) Texas, 78209
In the Carousel Court shopping center


If you are attending one of our classes in the following locations,we will send you site-specific details upon request.

  • St Louis, Missouri in August/September 2017
  • Augusta, Georgia in September 2017
  • Panama City Beach, Florida in September 2017
  • Albany, New York in October 2017

Email us at for help with these locations

That’s actually a common misunderstanding – there is technically no weight limit in our Beginner/Intermediate level Ashiatsu training (Fundamentals, Intermediate: Supine/Sidebody and ROM.. there ARE strength and skill requirements and weight restrictions for the Fasciashi Advanced class, however.) For safety reasons for your fellow students, your future clients, and our equipment in the classroom, we are cautious and try to bring an awareness of the physicality involved with this work before you arrive for your Ashiatsu workshop with the Center for Barefoot Massage.  We will need to know your height and weight once you register, so that we can coordinate the set up of the equipment and clients that you’ll be working with. Also for safety reasons, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you are required to bring your own portable massage table – we can go over that later if necessary.

A higher than average fitness level will diminish any challenges you may experience during the workshop. We ask that you are confident that your upper arm strength can pull your body weight off the client at any moment if needed – in case you lose your balance, or in case your client needs an immediate removal of pressure. You’ll need a healthy mental and physical endurance level to maintain focus and strength in class during our daily 2.5 hour long practice rounds. We ask that you are flexible enough to stand up & down from a 24 inch stool quickly and easily from the floor in one smooth movement. You should also be able to sit on a stool with your knees close together in a cannon ball position. We sure do make Barefoot Massage look easy, but once you are standing on the table or sitting on the barstool, it’s much harder than it looks!


One thing that needs to weigh heavily on your mind: do you have the client base that even needs Ashiatsu? This deeper than deep tissue massage technique is meant to be performed on clients who are 50-100 pounds heavier than you. If you are massaging people who weigh less than you, then you’ll be working too hard against gravity – sometimes even working on someone who is comparable in size/weight to you can be more difficult to massage with your feet if they cannot tolerate deep pressure. I highly recommend that you save your FasciAshi massages for the larger framed, dense tissued clients who are difficult to work on with your hands. If you don’t have the right client base for this technique, you may want to re-evaluate why you want to learn Ashiatsu, as it’s not meant for every client, it’s not meant for every massage therapist, and if this work is utilized incorrectly, or for evil not for good so to speak, then you can cause repetitive strain issues within yourself, and easily injury your client. Being that our studio, Heeling Sole, provides only barefoot massage ALL THE TIME, all day every day, we have experienced first hand (or… first foot?!) what it feels like in our bodies to do 20 Ashiatsu sessions within a week on small bodies, and what it feels like to do the same amount of sessions on larger bodies. Ashiatsu is a big tool you’ll be using to massage with, so it has to be used on the right job.


You need to have a massage table that will hold your body weight, plus your heaviest client, plus a few hundred extra pounds breathing room within the working weight capacity of that table. We recommend the Earthlite Ellora or the Earthlite Spirit – or something comparable. No aluminum legged portable massage tables. Our classroom is stocked with 32″ & 35″ Earthlite Spirits, and our treatment rooms have the two versions of Earthlite Ellora’s – so you can try the tables out during your Ashiatsu training in Texas. I am an Earthlite massage table retailer, so I can help you pick out new discounted equipment if needed.


If you are currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have recently had breast/gluteal/calf implants and/or some select surgeries within the last 9 months, we regret that you cannot attend the seminar. Please review these contraindications that I uphold my clients to, and let me know if any apply to you.


Speak with me to clarify your specific situation and see if Ashiatsu training through the Center for Barefoot Massage is or isn’t appropriate for you at this time. The deep compression provided by this modality could be dangerous for those still recovering from invasive procedures or ailments, and is not safe for prenatal therapists or their growing babies to receive this style of work.
It is not our intention to discourage or discriminate anyone from taking this class, we must focus on a quality workshop experienced by all and maintain the safety standards of the modality.  However, we do try to portray the amount of fitness that will eliminate some obstacles and make class more enjoyable for all therapists.

I’m glad y ou asked! We wrote a great blog post to answer this question – read it here!

Fascianating-FasciAshi-AshiatsuIn a nutshell:  we teach anatomy based, Fascia-focused strokes that have been developed by a team of experienced and highly trained barefoot massage specialists. FasciAshi was not created by just one person, it started from a collective movement of barefoot massage therapists across the country who wanted MORE out of their cookie-cutter feeling sessions.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is a growing niche in the massage industry – and just like there are many different styles of sports massage or hot stone courses in the Continuing Education market, we are presenting a drastically different new style of Ashiatsu.

No. The answer will always be no.

We are the only major Ashiatsu continuing education company that does not offer or endorse Video/Online/E-Learning training for Ashiatsu.

This is a big part of why the Center for Massage exists – we not only branched off to take Ashiatsu to the next level, we left to stand up for what we believe in: live training for licensed massage therapists. We will have videos as a study resource available after training – but we fundamentally disagree with actually learning massage by video, especially barefoot massage. We’ve written other blog posts on that topic that you can read here and here and here. We’d rather teach you in person to be a safe, well-educated anatomy nerd who knows how to use your feet just as effectively as your hands… not a zombie taught how to massage by an app.

By signing up for one of my classes, your deposit serves as a commitment to train, that you agree to the Training and Use Agreement (see below) and the Cancellation Policy.

There are absolutely no refunds for courses attended.

Non-Refundable deposits of 50% are required to hold your space in class. Your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel out of your selected workshop dates. Only in the event of proper documentation of injury, pregnancy, death in the immediate family, or extreme weather prohibiting travel (airports and highways closed) will your deposit be allowed to be rolled over to a workshop at a later date. This special consideration will be allowed by the discretion of the Ashiatsu instructor.

If you have other circumstances besides those listed above, you may roll your tuition over to the next Ashiatsu course offered at a later date by Jeni Spring, by giving at least 15 days’ notice and paying a $75 fee per class that you wish to roll over. Any notice less than 15 days is not eligible for rollover – unless the situation can be documented as mentioned above (injury, death in the immediate family, or weather prohibiting travel.)

Heeling Sole / Jeni Spring will happily refund all money for any cancelled seminars due to our responsibility – such as if the class minimum enrollment requirements are not met. We reserve the right to cancel class 2 weeks prior to the event should there not be enough interest and minimums not met – Class minimum is 4 students. For any class held outside of San Antonio, class minimum is 6 students.

If registration is low enough for the instructor to choose to cancel class, you will be notified by phone 2 weeks prior to the scheduled dates. In the rare event that this happens, we can either refund all money paid towards classes, or roll you into the next scheduled class.

Click here to read the Training and Use Agreement 

In general, for each day of class you will need:

  • 1 Top & bottom sheet
  • 1 Face cradle cover
  • 1 Wash cloth or kitchen sized towels
  • 1 King pillow
  • 1 Blanket (Linen rentals are available for $10/set)

Also, please bring the following:

  • Clean flip flops (other than the shoes you wear to class)
  • Holster & your favorite lotion or creme
  • Foot sanitizer & soft pedicured feet!

If stated by Jeni depending on location, you may need to bring a massage table & bar stool. This is only required if you weigh over 200 pounds, or if we hold an off-site class. We ask for portable massage tables that have a working weight capacity of at least 550 pounds. No Costco, Walmart, Aluminum/metal or self-made tables, please. If you are training in San Antonio, all massage tables and bar stools are provided for you!

I will teach you in class e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that you will need to know on how to build your overhead bar support. Please DO NOT build your bars prior to class. There are some specific measurements and safety guidelines that go along with using the bars that we will discuss together. For liability reasons I cannot provide this information before class. Many massage therapists have had to completely re-build their bars after taking our courses because they jumped the gun and installed them before hand. Save yourself time, money and stress… just wait! I’ll show you how when we meet.

Equipment standards are a large part of the safety involved with our technique. Training centers are equipped with Earthlite’s “Spirit” massage tables and “Flex-rest” face cradle platforms, which have a 800 pound working weight capacity and offer the utmost padding for comfort. Strong enough to hold you, your client, and the movement created during the protocol, comfy enough to fall asleep.

The overhead bar apparatus in class are built to commercial grade code, and support well over 1000 pounds in weight – even though we don’t dangle from the bars like monkeys, it’s very nice to know that our rigging is strong and can hold us up if the entire class decides to do a pull up on their bars!

We’ll teach you in class how to build safe and sturdy bars for your own use, and we’ll discuss the many makes and models of massage tables appropriate for using during a session. Discounts on Earthlite products available for our alumni – please email Jeni.

It’s tricky, but with proper planning it can be done. It is a logistical challenge to provide the necessary equipment and create the educational environment needed to conduct onsite training, so tuition prices do raise per student, per class in these situations. If you have 6-8 LMT’s in your area interested in taking our courses, and have a space no smaller than 600 square feet to host the class in, then please contact Jeni to begin coordinating the details. Sometimes, seasonally our calendar is booked 6-9 months in advance, so in many cases it is more cost effective and quicker to train here in San Antonio.

If you don’t know me already, you’ll probably get to know me real well, real quick! (You can click here to learn more)

I’m blessed to have been hand-picked and trained by the founder and lead instructors of Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy, my time with them from 2008-2017 was amazing. I’m excited and proud to bring a new era of this style of massage to the profession, and I’m happy to be Texas’ source for Barefoot Massage training. I’ve been teaching Ashiatsu since 2008, practicing the work diligently since 2002, in love and addicted to it’s benefits all along. My business, Heeling Sole, has grown to be the only multi-therapist clinic in the nation that ONLY offers barefoot massage services, training and internships, and I am extremely proud, happy and excited to be such a huge part of the emerging feild of barefoot massage therapy. I’m so proud of all my new massage colleagues out there who’ve enriched my classroom with their presence, and are now exploring the world of barefoot massage because of how this amazing modality has helped them tune into their feet! I learn from attendees to my classes as much as I hope they are learning from me, teaching this work has been an amazing journey.

My professional massage practice has grown leaps and bounds with the success of Ashiatsu, which is what led me to become an instructor – I really feel that this work can help us as therapists just as much as it helps those we massage! I encourage you to feel a session from my own highly trained staff of Barefoot Massage specialists at Heeling Sole in San Antonio. I always say that “Ashiatsu is the new black: because once you go Ashi, you don’t go back!”