Meet the Feet of our Sasquatch Crew! This month we are FEETuring the one and only Barefoot Massage Ninja! Although her real name is top secret, Ninja has been stealthily massaging with precision in the shadows here at Heeling Sole for 2.5 years now, and it’s time she got some spotlight! If you haven’t met her yet, you’ve probably heard her laugh echoing across the hall – sometimes this is the only trace she leaves, like a true ninja.

She works Tuesdays, Friday & Saturdays, and every-other Sunday. She specializes in Fijian massage on the floor mat, as well as Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai on the table. Get under her feet to feel her SUPER-SPECIFIC, ninja-like approach to barefoot massage!

Hey Ninja! How long have you been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)?

~12 years!!!

How long have you practiced ashiatsu barefoot massage?

~I have been practicing barefoot massage for 11 years!

What is your favorite muscle group to work on?

~It’s a tie between the neck/shoulders or the lowback into the hips and glutes!

What do you enjoy most about your role as a LMT?

~I enjoy the aftermath of working on a client! They come in with pain or stress. I love it when they leave feeling better physically and mentally. Appreciation and gratitude from my clients make my job well worth everything.

What brought you to barefoot massage?

~I care. I want to make a difference in the lives of people. Helping them de-stress or helping them with physical pain means a lot to me.

Ninja is a Capricorn, loves movies, has an infectious laugh, and is total Slytheryn.